Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics



The research portfolio at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics can be divided into three main topical groups:

whereby a strong interaction among experimental, theoretical and numerical investigative methods is present in almost all individual projects. In all research projects, whether fundamental or applied in nature, a strong emphasis is placed on a solid understanding of the underlying flow physics involved. Where necessary and appropriate, new methodologies are developed, be it measurement technologies, turbulence modelling, or analytical methods.


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The Institute has two locations: Lichtwiese Campus (L2|06) and the wind tunnel premises in close proximity to the August-Euler-Airfield in Griesheim.


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  • 2018/11/08

    Talk im Tower im Wintersemester 2018/2019

    Natur, Geschichte und Technik des Fliegens

    Die Vortragsreihe Talk im Tower findet auch im Wintersemester 2018/2019 wieder im Towergebäude des August-Euler-Flugplatzes statt. Den Flyer zum aktuellen Programm finden sie hier: Talk im Tower WS 18/19.

  • 2018/09/19

    Short Course on Atomization and Sprays 2019

    The 5th Short Course on Atomization and Sprays is to be held 25-28 February 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany. Image: SLA

    25-28 February 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany

    After the great success of four previous Short Courses on Atomization and Sprays, a fifth edition will be held from 25-28 February 2019 at the TU Darmstadt. The course presents the current understanding and state-of-the-art of atomization fundamentals, their realization in atomizer systems and their application in a wide variety of engineering branches, including spray drying, spray coating, spray cooling, fuel injection, etc.