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Announcement of current Bachelor/Master theses, Advanced Design Projects (ADPs) and Advanced Research Projects (ARPs).

  • Masterthesis

    Supervisor: Benedikt Schmidt, M.Sc.

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  • Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    The storage of volatile, renewable energies as one of the unsolved questions of the modern energy economy is the focus of the Clean Circles cluster project. In this context, iron is being examined as an energy source for a climate-neutral circular economy. Part of the concept is the oxidation of iron particles for energy extraction. The resulting iron oxide particles are then reduced using energy from renewable resources to obtain pure iron again and thus close the cycle. The required process steps for reduction are initially separated into dissolution of the particles in electrolytic solvents and subsequent separation.

    Supervisor: Maximilian Lausch, M.Sc.

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  • Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    Within the research project FlowForLife, a microfluidic supply network for 3D cell clusters is being developed. Therefore, micro channels are studied with regard to their flow as well as the oxygen transport into the surrounding medium or tissue. The oxygen transport of enriched fluid into the surrounding hydrogel matrix will be measured using phosphorescent particles.

    Supervisor: Till Werner, M.Sc.

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