Aufbau und Automatisieren eines Prüfstands zum Messen des Stofftransports in mikrofluidischen Systemen

Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The experimental setup for measuring oxygen transport consists of four components that are to be controlled and synchronized with each other. These include a measuring system consisting of a laser and camera, a high-precision traverse system, a pressure controller for generating flows, and a system for oxygen enrichment.

The task of this ADP is first to build the traverses and the pump system. The flow configuration is to be designed so that different pressures, volume flows and oxygen concentrations can be generated in two parallel channels of a microchip. Then, the automation of the experiments is to be realized. The goal is to automatically run a measurement protocol in which relevant experimental parameters such as XYZ-positions, O2 concentrations and volume flows are specified. For this purpose, the automation software LabVIEW or software packages of the component manufacturers can be used or a combination of both. Finally, the test rig has to be characterized with respect to oxygen diffusion across the tubing and the achievable dynamic response to concentration changes has to be determined.

Prior knowledge of LabVIEW is strongly desired.

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