Dr.-Ing. Marija Gajevic Joksimovic

Working area(s)

Dynamics of drops and sprays


work +49 6151 16-22195

Work L2|06 414
Peter-Grünberg-Str. 10
64287 Darmstadt

Mixtures of water and lubricants are often used in the forging industry for cooling the surfaces, as well as for the reduction of friction and wear of the tool. Very often, this mixture is applied in the form of spray which coats the surface of the tool. Although the relevant thermo-hydraulic phenomena related to the spray impingement of pure-water spray is being deeply investigated, reliable models which would account for the presence of lubricant are yet to be developed. This is especially important for the prediction of heat flux.

The discussed project aims at developing a physical-mathematical model for thermal hydraulic phenomena that occur in the process of spray cooling of the forging die. Underlying physical processes will be observed and characterized using two experimental setups: The first setup will be used to characterize the impact of the single drop onto a hot substrate, whereas the second setup will be used to observe spray impact. Working fluid will represent a dispersion-mixture of lubricants with water in various ratios, whereas the existing experience obtained within the framework of the subproject C04 of SFB-TRR 75 with the use of pure water will be used and extended. Gained experimental data will be used to develop a numerical model of spray cooling which will be used to optimize the industrial use of spray cooling of the forging die.

Transfer Project T01 within SFB-TRR 75




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