Overview of wind tunnels

Overview of wind tunnels

At Griesheim campus the TU Darmstadt is provided with three wind tunnels.

2.2 m x 2.9 m – Low-speed wind tunnel NWk1

The biggest wind tunnel in Griesheim is the low-speed wind tunnel. The conduit has a cross section of 2.9 m x 2.2 m and is 4.8 m long. The maximum air velocity is 68 m/s.

0.45 m x 0.45 m – Low-speed wind tunnel NWk2

The small Eiffel-type wind tunnel has a cross section of 45 cm x 45 cm. It is used for fundamental research and to calibrate probes. The maximum air velocity is 70 m/s.

Trisonic wind tunnel TVM 150

The trisonic blow down wind tunnel is supplied by a compressed-air vessel with a storage volume of 8 m3 and a maximum storage pressure of 50 bars. Mach numbers between 0.6 and 4.0 are adjustable via a variable nozzle (subsonic, transsonic, supersonic). Maximum blow time is 60 s at Mach 4. The conduit cross sectional area is 150 mm x 150 mm.