Short Course on Atomization and Sprays


Short Course on Atomization and Sprays

February 15-18, 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany

After the great success of the previous Short Course on Atomization and Sprays, a second edition will be held again February 15-18, 2016 at the Center of Smart Interfaces. The course has the aim to present the current understanding and state-of-the-art of atomization fundamentals, their realization in atomizer systems and their application in a wide variety of engineering branches, including spray drying, spray coating, spray cooling, fuel injection, etc.

The course is directed towards practicing engineers and researchers involved in R&D and the application of spray systems.

The lecturers are 13 renowned experts in the field who will address theoretical, experimental, numerical and modelling aspects of atomization and spray processes. Besides, the program forsees intensive discussions between the participants and the lecturers and also among the participants.

Industrial exhibitors of atomization equipment and spray diagnostics will be available on the second day for demonstrations and discussions.

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