Spray Patternator

Spray Patternator

In the research area droplet dynamics and sprays we have identified the need for a device capable of measuring the local mass flux distribution within sprays. Whether in coating or painting processes, in cooling or for spray combustion, the spatial distribution of the droplet mass flux in spray is a fundamental quantity of interest. Such information can be acquired using a “patternator”.

The SprayPatternator that has been developed at the Institute SLA is based on a capacitive measurement of fluid. Calibration allows the unit to be used for a wide variety of different fluids.


3D model of the SprayPatternator - a spray characterization device to measure spray angle, spray pattern and mass distribution.
The SprayPatternator – a spray characterization device. Images: SLA

The device exhibits the following features:

  • 2D capture of mass flux distribution and spray angle in only one measurement
  • integration into production processes using a modular and automated design
  • short measurement times (< 5 sec.)
  • large variety of spray liquids possible
  • robust design allows measurements in harsh industrial environments
  • user-friendly: start measurement cycle, collect data and transfer them wireless to server
  • broad variety of applications through a mobile system concept

The SprayPatternator will be presented June 11-15, 2018 at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt (Hall 9.2, booth C74, joint exhibition stand of Hessian universities).